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Dear visitor

Venture Sweden is a new national "product manual". Its sole purpose is to acquaint –  or reacquaint –  tour operators, travel agents and others involved in the tourism industry with Sweden as a world-class tourist destination.

Venture Sweden looks closely at the regional and local attractions of Sweden, each with its unique appeal. For those of you who have yet to make the discovery, we hope Venture Sweden will help you appreciate just how much this country has to offer, and just how eagerly the companies presented in the publication are preparing to welcome the visitors you send here.

For those who already know Sweden well, we hope the book will help you serve your clients even more imaginatively, efficiently... and, of course, profitably.



 Stockholm - Photo: Edelbits  Skåne - Photo: Pål Hermansen  Läckö Castle, Västra Götaland - Photo: Björn Kärf  Dalarna - Photo: Pål Hermansen  Jämtland - Photo: Björn Kärf  Öland - Photo: Pål Hermansen