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Dalarna’s museum is located in the middle of town, alongside the river Faluån. Extensive renovation began in 2005 and the museum is now gradually reopening, with attractive premises and new permanent exhibitions.

Now open:

  • “Selma och Falun” (Selma and Falun), an exhibition about the author’s time in Falun.
  • The world heritage town and the industrial landscape.
  • “Grafiksalen”, which displays new and old graphic design.
  • “Dalakonsten”, paintings by artists from Dalarna.
  • “Dräkt och Textil” (costumes and textiles) – from the museum’s collections.
  • Dalmåleri (traditional painting from Dalarna) 
  • Dala horses

Dalmåleri collection
This collection has – as it should - Sweden’s biggest permanent exhibition of “dalmåleri”, traditional paintings from Dalarna. Even though the available floor area has not increased, reorganisation has meant that more wall paintings and more painted furniture can be displayed. Innovative modern technology aims at increasing interest in “dalmåleri” and bringing new life to the paintings.

Dala horse collection
The Dala horse has a unique position in Swedish culture and has become a national symbol that is frequently used in a range of media. Despite the great interest in this little wooden horse, Dalarna’s museum previously had no permanent exhibition about the Dala horse. This has been put to rights in the new museum. which will display the Dala horse’s history and diversity.

Additionally, there are temporary exhibitions of contemporary art, cultural history, crafts and photography. The museum also has a varied programme of activities with lectures, concerts, displays, etc.

The next permanent exhibitions to open are about music and archaeology. The beautiful museum shop has gifts, souvenirs, jewellery, ceramics, books, etc. Café Kopparhatten, which serves coffee and food, is located by the museum.

Opening hrs:Mon: 12-17, Tues.-Fri. 10-17, Sat.-Sun. 12-17 
Season:  All year
Price:  Free entrence 
Info:  History and culture of the province of Dalarna. Collection of regional costumes, distinctive Dalecarlia paintings and Dalecarlia horses
Location: Falun 
Centre:  0 m 

Dalarnas Museum
Dalarnas Museum
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