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Travel by rail the old fashioned way
How often do you think about the railways importance on growth? Communities and towns where often built up around the railways. How could our industries have developed if it had not been for the railways? Sweden owes much of its industrialization and development to the railways. We preserve and maintain railway history by running our rail cars (classY7) during the summer months. The railway service runs from Monday- Saturday according to the timetable. We run two re- turn trips every day, with the firs departure from Bengtsfors to Mellerud. Experience the Dalslands Canal by rail car and boat DVVJ, (Dalsland-West Värmland Railway) operate a combined service between Bengtsfors- Mellerud with rail cars from 1950's, and canal boats on the Dalslands Canal. Our rail cars are also available for charter.

Combine rail and boat
A trip trough winding waterways and locks with one of the canal boats is something to be remembered. Relax and watch Dalsland float by. Enjoy a good meal onboard. The return trip is via rail car, a piece of railway history. The big canal trip: Take the boat from Håverud to Bengtsfors and then return to Håverud by rail car or boat from Bengtsfors to Håverud and then rail- car back to Bengtsfors. The canal trip: Take the boat from Håverud to Långbron and then return to Håverud by rail car. The little canal trip: Take the rail car from Bengtsfors to Långbron and then return to Bengtsfors by boat, or boat from Långbron to Bengtsfors and then railcar back to Långbron.

Ride an Inspection Trolley
Experience the beautiful countryside of Dalsland and Värmland on an inspection trolley. You can begin your journey in Bengtsfors or Årjäng on a route that is one of Sweden’s longest at 50 km (30 miles). Don’t worry if you wish to try a shorter outing you can always turn the trolley around and head back. The trip can be combined with a canoe packet of 1-4 days. Karl F. Drais from Germany invented the inspection trolley in the 1840's. The inspection trolley became one of the most important tools for track workers. Today most of the old trolleys have been scrapped and replaced with new safer models.

Plan it your way
If you have any requests regarding your trip you are welcome to contact us at DVVJ. We work together with many companies within the tourist sector. This can be anything from alternative accommodation, fishing, sightseeing, canoeing or our ”Canoe packet" which is a combination of canoeing and inspection trolley. We help you discover Dalsland and Värmland your way.

A unique lake system
"The province of a thousand lakes" is what Dalslands unique lake and waterway system is often called. A real Eldorado for an exciting canoe trip are the many lakes and tarns in which to explore, swim or fish. One of the high points of the year is the annual Dalsland Canoe Marathon+, one of Sweden's longest, 55 km (34 miles). This is arranged in Bengtsfors during August.

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