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A part from being an amusement park, Gröna Lund is an historical entertainment institution, in the middle of Djurgården, the oasis of Stockholm town. The park has got 31 rides including the world’s highest Fritt Fall Tilt (Free Fall Tilt), and Europe’s highest Fritt Fall of 80 meters (Free Fall). Classics such as Lustiga Huset (the funny house), Kärlekstunneln (the love tunnel), and Spökhuset (the haunted house) along with Jetline (the roller-coaster) Katapulten (the katapult), Pop Expressen and all of our other rides are guarantied to put thrills in young as well as older children. Don’t miss the unique rollercoaster Insane, a fantastic thrill-ride for the bravest guests! This year we proudly present the new ride Twister, Gröna Lund’s seventh rollercoaster.

If you want to unwind, you can enjoy excellent food and drinks at one of our restaurants or enjoy the view of Stockholm from the seashore path.

So if you want to experience a magic world, filled with rides, games, lotteries, and entertainment come to Gröna Lund. At our amusement park, life is a laugh. We guarantee a whole day with laughter, belly tingle and thrills for the whole family.


Gröna Lund
Gröna Lund
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