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There was a time when virtually everyone who lived on the island of Björkö depended on ocean trade for their livelihood.

Many small-time farmers formed shipping companies, and the profits led to the building of grand ship owners’ estates like Blekunge, Simpnäs and Skeppsmyra. Today Skeppsmyra is a comfortable hostel in a turn-of-the-century building that has been sympathetically restored, with both tile and open fireplaces for warm and cosy evenings. During high season breakfast and dinner are served in the classic dining room.

Björkö’s history dates back to the medieval ages and the importance of trade and shipping can be seen in the many ship owners’ farms and the little museum in Simpnäs. The scenic landscape offers great possibilities for bathing, fishing and walking. Björkö is fascinating to explore from the water and we highly recommend boating and canoe trips.

Standard:  Guesthouses, Hostels, Self-Catering Cottages 
Opening hrs:  24 hours 
Season:  All year 
Price:  Guesthouse room 795 SEK Hostel 270 SEK 
Location:  Stockholms Skärgård Roslagen 
Lyckhem Vandrarhem
Lyckhem Vandrarhem
Lyckhem Skeppsmyra, SE-760 42 Björkö
Tel: +46 176 94027