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A great experience in the Stockholm skerries. Combine it with a visit to Stockholm or Gotland.

Stockholm's southern skerries – a famous archipelago of almost 2000 small islands – the perfect destination for those who love nature and the water. Whether the aim is peace, quiet and relaxation, or adrenaline-pumping adventure, a unique seascape awaits you, where you can positively hear the silence and feel the tranquillity wash over you.

Year round activities
In Nynäshamn you are never more than 10 km from the sea! So it is not strange that the activities on offer features water all the year round. Adventures such as seal and eagle safaris, yoga-paddling, diving for wrecks, fishing with a guide or charter sailing are great attractions for many, but even if you prefer being a landlubber, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy. For example, choose between 36 of the best holes of golf, guided trips along the legendary Runstensvägen (the road of the runes) and some of the best bird observation areas in the archipelago. During the winter when the ice has formed Nynäshamn is the perfect place for guided cross-country skiing trips.

Areas for all occasions
Places worth a visit include the island Öja (Landsort). A classic Swedish archipelago idyll with a background of a never-ending sea view, where the oldest pine tree in Sweden will whisper old traditional tales of the sea. Well-known Torö Stenstrand – the best surfer beach in Sweden. A Mecca for wave, wind and kite surfers. In Sorunda and Ösmo you will find churches from around year 1100 and many art and crafts farms and galleries.

Accommodation for all tastes
In Nynäshamn you can live in three or four-star hotels with different characteristics.

The largest conference and event centre in the Stockholm area is located here, as well as smaller archipelago or mansion house hotels plus a plush golf hotel. Or does your own white-knotted red cabin feel right? If not then we have camping facilities, countryside bed & breakfast or luxurious spa-hotels near the edge of the sea with open views towards the sea.

Enjoyment for all dispositions
Don’t miss out on something that will make your visit to Nynäshamn that little bit more tasteful, such as the beer from the local steam brewery, nobel-chocolates and the legendary cake – the Sorundatårtan. Eating smoked prawns on the fishing harbour’s quayside at sunset is a must.

We can help you plan your journey – an ideal combination of a taste of city life and shopping in Stockholm, only 35 minutes north of Nynäshamn, or a visit to the colourful island province of Gotland.

Welcome to Nynäshamn – where you are free to expand your horizons.

Nynäshamns Turistbyrå
Nynäshamns Turistbyrå
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