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The Heart of Sweden

It is called the heart of Sweden. Where roads meet, at the centre of Sweden’s population, magnificent outdoor experiences are combined with thrilling activities. It is easy to get here, but difficult to leave.

Outdoor activities
In the heart of Sweden you are always close to the Swedish countryside, in all its forms; close to archipelagos and deep forests, to calm lakes, meadows, surprising rock formations and much much more. Our region is like Sweden in miniature – and best of all is that everything is within easy reach. This means that it is simple to experience a wide range of outdoor activities on one and the same day.

There are many sights hiding in the ancient forests of Tiveden. The unique red water lily blooms in Lake Fagertärn. In Kilsbergen, in “the blue mountains”, there are walking trails and adventure courses; ski tracks and ski slopes; small lakes for bathing in and wonderful views. The forests of Bergslagen are deep and pristine and offer many incredible meetings with the natural world. Walk the 280km Bergslag Trail – or choose from one of its 17 stages.

There are many historic sights. Once upon a time Sweden’s wealth was based on the rich mines of Bergslagen. Industry attracted people here from far and wide. One of them was Sweden’s most famous man: Alfred Nobel. However, not all of our history belongs to the miners. There are also historic places that have been transformed into living tourist attractions. The best known is the beautiful castle in Örebro.

Family activities
Those who want to have plenty to do don’t need to look far. Gustavsvik swimming pool in Örebro is northern Europe’s biggest adventure pool, with rapids, slides, lagoons and much more besides. Europe’s biggest indoor playland is not far from there. Karlskoga has the BodaBorg adventure centre, with cunning courses for young and old. Outside Kumla you’ll find “Konst på hög” (art on top), a fantastic sculpture park on top of a 100- metre tall artificial mountain!

Örebro is a city with a long tradition of shopping. There are four malls in the city, lots of boutiques and the huge Marieberg Centrum south of the city. Marieberg is now being extended and will soon have a mall with almost 100 shops. It also has plenty of supermarkets and department stores, including IKEA.

Nora and Askersund are two well-kept towns with timber houses, which attract large numbers of tourists every year. From idyllic Nora you can take the historic railway to Pershyttan, one of Sweden’s foremost museums commemorating the long ironworking era. Experience the old ironworks and dare yourself to enter the tunnels of the Lockgruvan mine.

Askersund is beautifully located at the northern tip of Lake Vättern. Enjoy the pleasant surroundings, take a boat trip from the harbour or look at one of Sweden’s most beautiful 19th century castles, Stjernsund.

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