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The guided tour will take you through authentic settings from four centuries. The architecture, the conserved interiors and the exhibits make Skokloster Castle one of the most important Baroque castles in Europe.

Skokloster Castle was built as a residence between 1654 and 1676, when Sweden was a great power. Even to 17th century people, the imposing white building with its corner towers made a fairytale, ancient impression.

Take the opportunity to explore the beautiful castle surroundings overlooking Lake Mälaren, including a park and a mediaeval church. The countryside around the castle also contains clear traces of different historical periods.

Opening hrs:  

May 1 - June 14:
Sat. - Sun. 12.00–16.00
June 15 - August 31:
Daily 11.00-17.00
September 1 - September 30:
Sat. - Sun. 12.00-16.00
Open during holiday weekends and other arrangement 

Price:  70 SEK incl a visit to the Wrangel building. An addition of 30 SEK for guiding. Admission free for persons aged up to 19 
Location: A peninsula in Lake Mälare 
Skoklosters Castle
Skoklosters Castle
Tel: +46 8 402 30 60