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The Museum of Medieval Stockholm is an exciting underground museum. Here archaeological relics are combined with built up environments. In this exhibition you can experience medieval Stockholm with its brick houses and its stalls, workshops, harbour and its gallows hill. You can meet Jöns the cobbler, Albert the horseman and Birgitta the baker and many others of Stockholm’s old inhabitants. The town wall from approx. 1530 is preserved here and the good ship Riddarholmsskeppet can be seen complete with canons, cannonballs and gunpowder.

In the builder’s cabin you walk straight into a medieval building site where arches are being built together with other bricklaying techniques. Outside the wine cellar a pine wreath signals to all that wine and beer have arrived from abroad. And in the church you can listen to Gregorian singing from a time when kings, queens, and state administrators fought each other and when Sweden was part of the catholic world.

Opening hrs:  Tue-Sun: 12-17, Wed: 12-19 
Price:  Free entrance 
Location:  Norrbro buss 43 or 62, 
Tube:  Gamla stan 

Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum
Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum
Tel: +46 8 508 31 790