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The Västra Mälardalen region encompasses the towns of Köping, Arboga and Kungsör and is characterized by its closeness to nature, water and history. Sweden’s oldest man-made waterway, Hjälmare Kanal, runs through the region and during the summer you can take a boat trip between lakes Mälaren and Hjälmare via the canal.

The nature in Västra Mälardalen consists of deciduous forests, spruce forests and nature reserves. Why not join a guided nature walk around Kungsör’s beautiful grazing lands, or walk along Romboleden, one of Europe’s longest pilgrim routes which starts in Köping and follows the valley of Hedströmsdalen to the north? The valley contains one of many nature reserves and is popular with ornithologists and a thriving habitat for birds like woodpeckers and kingfishers.


Our town guides will gladly tell you about the history of the three towns in the region, which are all very different and which all have interesting museums and exhibitions that are well worth a visit. Arboga is home to Västerlånggatan, one of Sweden’s oldest streets, Kungsör had its foundations laid by Gustav Vasa himself, Sweden’s king between 1523 and 1560, and a town fire largely destroyed Köping in 1889.

The region hosts both large and small sports events, markets and concerts during the summer. A popular annual event is Medieval Days when the streets of Arboga are filled with jesters, stallholders and people dressed in medieval costumes, and rowing competitions and jousts are held. If you are more interested in exercise then the region has a lot to choose from with running, riding, golf, cycling, bathing and fishing during the summer months and, weather permitting of course, skiing, both cross-country and downhill, and Nordic skating during the winter.

There are plenty of sights, interesting museums, churches, ancient ruins and historic sites throughout the region. There are also several parks, plenty of shops and handicraft centres for those of you who prefer shopping, and a variety of restaurants to suit all tastes.

You can read more about the region in our brochure Turist i Västra Mälardalen, which can be ordered via our tourist information centres and websites. The tourist information centres in Köping, Arboga and Kungsör would like to welcome you to the Västra Mälardalen region.

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Västra Mälardalen Arboga, Köping & Kungsör