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Storbergets Gruvor - Visitors Mine
“Their despairing wailing, their prayers and hymns could be heard all the way up to the surface”. This is what the legend tells us about the terrible disaster of Storberget where 18 miners were buried alive underneath the masses of rocks. Stollgången is open for visitors during the summer, and tours are arranged through the entire tunnel to the awesome pit and into the deepest mine. The guide will tell you about our ancestors hard work mining ore, and will also give a vivid description of the Mining Lady, the Sprite and other supernatural beings that inhabited the mine.  

Gammelstilla Bruk
As the name Gammelstilla is derived from the middle Ages, this has certainly been a place for iron making for a very long time. The now well-preserved mill environment is from the 1800s with forge, machine shop and carpenter shop. Here you can see the blacksmith work, visit the art exhibition and have a cup of coffee in the Stallet. The old forge is used as a theatre, where concerts are performed during the summer.

Edske Masugn - Edske Furnace
In 1858 the first Bessemer method of making steel took place. Revolutionizing the industrial steel industry worldwide. Remaining are two of the four brick pillars which contained the old blast furnace. Edske furnace is located about four kilometres west of Hofors.

Bergabackens Pelargonmuseum - Bergabackens Geranium museum
Living Museum. Collection of old Swedish geraniums. Here you can buy geranium and hear the story where it comes from and how it has been preserved by careful hands for decades. In the Café you can have coffee and a geranium cake both sunny and rainy days.

Stålringens Idrottscentrum – Sports Centre
Public swimming, sports hall, ice rink, football stadium with artificial turf, jogging tracks and “Sportringen X-park” for BMX and skateboarding. Here is a place for many kind of sports. Good accommodation facilities make Stålringens sports centre attractive for training facilities and has become popular among many sports clubs.

Hofors Golfbana - Golf Course
The golf course has 18 holes and is of medium difficulty. It is situated next to the beautiful Lake Storgösken, 5 km southeast of Hofors. There is a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar. The golf course is ranked as one of the ten most scenic courses in Sweden.

Hofors Turistbyrå
Hofors Turistbyrå
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