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Welcome to Sandviken!
20 Swedish miles north of Stockholm you find Sandviken with several old ironworks, which today are used for accommodation, recreation and conferences. Here you will find a variety of activities covering culture, music and sport. In the summer the beautiful Storsjön entices you to want to bathe and go boating and during the winter you are offered alpine skiing in Kungsberget and cross-country skiing in Högbo.

Högbo Bruk
Högbo Bruk, dating back to the 1600’s, is 5 km north of Sandviken and is today a unique combination of nature, activities and cultural history. You will find hiking paths, ski runs and tracks, canoe rental, adventure tracks and a 27 hole golf course, mini golf, swim baths, fishing, cafés and restaurants. Here you can visit craftsmen and the perfume design centre Björk&Berries. In Högbo Brukshotell you can hold a conference, eat well, and in order to relax use the hotel spa.

Gysinge Bruk
Gysinge Bruk is 47 km south of Sandviken and is one of the best preserved so called vallon works, dating back to the 1600’s. The ironworks is located along Tidernas Väg, the beautiful road leading up the mighty powers of the river Dalälven. Today the place is known for its craft, smithy, exhibitions, conferences, fishing and outdoors activities and adventure. Here is an inn, a grocer, a bakers and cafés. The centre for building preservation with a shop and exhibition is close to the ironworks.

Kungsbergets ski resort is a winter resort situated approx. 25 km northwest of Sandviken. The 17 runs offer plenty of opportunity for all types of skiing. If you wish more adventure, the snow park will be the place for you. For younger, fearless more adventurous person there’s Happy Park with jumps, mini rail and amusing terrain tracks.

Göransson Arena
In May 2009 Göransson Arena was opened – a gigantic indoor arena with room for approx. 10 000 people and an ice rink area three times larger than Globen. The multi purpose arena that is Göransson Arena offers various events and meetings within sports, culture and business.

Sandviken Turism
Sandviken Turism
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