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Gotland is a unique place to visit. ExploreGotland offers many different packages of activities, food and accommodation all over Gotland, of course we will assist you with transportation arrangements when desired.

Explore Gotland on horse or foot along the over 600-km-long HovLeden, you can choose to go trail riding for a couple of hours to up to 5 days. Summers are delightful, of course, but you are welcome to be our guests in springtime when the orchids are in bloom, or in September when the sea is still warm enough for a swim. The Gotland Russ is our own, native breed that still roams at Lojsta heath. The herd contains the last wild horses in Scandinavia and is easiest to visit in the summer.

For golfers we offer golf packages all of Gotland's 12 golf courses. Gotland's climate is perfect for golf - the island offers a warm autumn and a mild winter! Thanks to its proximity to the sea are golf courses at Gotland often playable all year round.

Gotland is perfect for biking, we offer packages up to 5 days, try Gotland360 a twoday exercise bike race without timing. This means a complete turnaround Gotland, 360 km in two days.

Go away for a spa or yoga weekend, relax, and get treatments, nice dinner, baths.... If you have limited time a visit at a day spa is wonderful and relaxing too. It will give you a break in your hectic everyday life, and help to give you a chance to breathe calm again!

Gotland has a rich and ancient history. We offer activities from fossil safari along the Gotland shingle and sea-stacks to visit the medieval town center of Visby.

ExploreGotland helps you tailor your conference or group travel with travel, accommodation, activities and transportation.

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