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A sporty pace and a century of tradition
Some say that Mount Åreskutan is at its best when flowers have taken over the slopes. Clearly, at any rate, Åre in the summertime has its own unique appeal, whether you are looking for activity or relaxation.

Åre is a complete mountain resort. On the village square there is a constant stream of cyclists, hikers, vacationers and tourists: people-watching, eating a good lunch at an outdoor cafe, shopping, basking in the sun.And just a few kilometres away, total silence reigns. A grouse flutters as you walk past its nest. Crystal clear water quenches your thirst. Orchids stretch toward the sun on the chalky mountain sides.

Add to all this a great selection of comfortable accommodation, from camping to hotels. And from families to connoisseurs, everyone will find their favourites among the cafes, restaurants and bars.


  • In the old church at Åre, dating from the 12th century, beautiful medieval objects and the solid stone walls echo of generations of church life.The funicular, built in 1910, still carries travellers from the village square to Fjällgård plateau.
  • The cable car takes just a few minutes to carry you up above the tree line on Mount Åreskutan to mile-wide views at 1274 metres above sea level. Have a coffee, watch the hang gliders, or walk down to the village or up towards the top.
  • Toppstugan, with Sweden's highest cafe at 1420 metres above sea level, is a 900 meters walk from the cable car stop.
  • The mine at Fröå is now an open air museum where parts of the old mining village have been restored. Nearby is Husö mining museum and manor house, with cafe and restaurant.
  • Millest Moose Farm, just west of Duved, features an enclosure open to guided tours, where you can even pat these impressive beasts. The adjacent Duved fortification and Karolina monument honours the memory of nearly 3000 soldiers who died during General Armfeldt's disastrous retreat from Norway in 1719.
  • Njarka Sami Camp is situated on a peninsula at Häggsjön, west of Åre. Guided tours focus on the Sami way of life past and present, with traditional tents, reindeer, and activities including lasso-throwing and fishing.
  • Åre Glashytta, a glass-blowing workshop at Duved railway station; the soapstone works in Handål, and Åre Chocolate Factory in Björnänge, are more fine places to visit... and to shop.

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  • Åre Bike Park is northern Europe's largest trail systems for mountain biking. Fishing in and around Åre is very fine, both in lakes and flowing water. Boats are for hire at several locations.
  • There are numerous bathing sites with mountain views, from the popular beach next to the Holiday Club at Åresjön to beaches you can have almost to yourself. The Holiday Club boasts a water park with swimming pools, whirlpool, slides and other aquatic activities; Åre Continental Inn also has a swimming pool.
  • White water excursions in a kayak, inflatable or the so-called river board can be arranged in a number of rapids around Åre. Those who prefer a less robust approach can rent a kayak, canoe or rowing boat for trips on more tranquil waters such as the Åresjön, Ånnsjön or Enan.
  • Paragliding is a near-mystical experience and Åreskutan has several good starting places, with exerts who can help you take to the air. Zip-line is another type of air travel enabling you to whoosh along a cable to and fro across Årekutan's biggest ravine.
  • Hiking in Åre has had something of a renaissance with a new practical map and guide. With the usual "Fjällkartan" hiking maps (Z7) you will find a,vast expanse of Ullödalen, rarely visited Mullfjället, old mining roads near,Husö and a thousand other favourite haunts. The wilderness is always amazingly close by. More activities at
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