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Winter in Funäsfjällen - The real mountains
High, grand mountains are welcoming you, filled with endless prospects, secrets and challenges. Off-piste skiing and powder snow, famous among the connoisseurs. Well-groomed tracks across unlimited, untouched snowscapes. Many, long slopes and few, brief queues. Liberating silence and happy laughter. Resorts where you are not treated as cattle, spending your holiday queuing in pens. Resorts with space and heart, to return to every year.

This is Funäsfjällen
Funäsfjällen is Sweden's third largest ski area with the resorts Ramundberget, Bruksvallarna, Ljusnedal, Messlingen, Mittådalen, Tännäs, Fjällnäs, Hamra, Tänndalen and Funäsdalen. The Funäsdalen mountains constitute the southernmost bare mountain area in Sweden, with numerous peaks rising higher than 1,000 metres. Helags, at 1,798 metres, has the southernmost Swedish glacier.

The cradle of mountain tourism. In 1882, Fjellnes Högfjells-pensionat welcomed the first mountain tourists in Sweden, the socalled 'air guests'.The two Sami communities, Mittådalen and Tännäs, and several old mountain pastures still in operation, mix with other examples o culture to form a unique character. Here live free and wild herds of musk ox, bear, wolf, wolverine, eagle and lynx. The Funäsdalen mountains is the most snowsure resort in Sweden.

Summer in Funäsfjällen - Nature is magical and full of contradictions.
On the one hand, there is the wilderness with plenty of high peaks, the untouched valleys and large lake systems. In this landscape you can travel for days without seeing another soul. The Funäsdalen mountains in Härjedalen constitute the southernmost bare mountain area in Sweden, with the highest and most scenic peaks south of the Arctic circle. The highest is Helags at 1,796 metres, with a glacier in the giant bowl on the northern slopes.

On the other hand, large and alluring areas of the mountains are easy to access. The hiking trails are suitable for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. The easiest access to Flatruet (a plateau with Sweden´s highest located road) is by car, an alternative way to access bare mountain terrain is to use a ski lift. There are lodges, hotels and restaurants within walking distance.

The mountains are either intensely green, such as Mittåkläppen and Hamrafjället (which are two of our foremost wild flower mountains) or fascinatingly barren.In addition to the scenery the mountains offer many delicacies, such as cloudberries, chanterelles, morels and game fish. During your stay in the mountains you can recharge your batteries, fill your soul with experiences while stocking your larder with culinary souvenirs which will last all through winter.The fauna is quite exotic, and with some luck you may spot a musk-ox, bears, wolves, wolverine, eagles and lynx.

Destination Funäsfjällen
Destination Funäsfjällen
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