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You live very comfortably in Hotel Funäsdalen with all the service you would expect in a mountain hotel – in the middle of the valley of Funäs surrounded by mountains. You can choose between cosy hotel rooms, some that are smaller and less oppulent or you can stay in the hostel. The hotel was built in 1947 and is infused with a feeling of being one with the mountains.

  • The restaurant is known for its wonderful menus. à la carte as well as fine hotel dinners are served in the evenings. Fine wines and a beautiful view makes for a beautiful meal.
  • The indoor pool and open air Jacuzzi are a brilliant combination. Book a Spatreatment, swim a couple of lengths, and use the Jacuzzi in the evening. Use our lobby, sit in front of the fire and enjoy the ’après-ski’ after a day on the mountain – what could be better?
  • As you live centrally in the area you are near 121 ski-slopes, 300 km of ski tracks and many more paths, 450 km of scooter-tracks, shopping, restaurants, a mountain museum and much more.
  • Here in Funäsdalen the snow arrives early and remains until late spring. The reason is that we are high above sea level and surrounded by the highest mountains south of the polar circle. More and more people choose to visit Funäsdalen in the summer and autumn where they find many activities such as the successful 30 Guldtur-trecks, a beautiful golf course, and to enjoy the beautiful colours of the autumn. A lot of guests therefore appreciate that we are open all year round.
Hotell Funäsdalen
Hotell Funäsdalen
P.O.Box 34, SE-840 95 Funäsdalen
Tel: +46 684 21430
Fax: +46 684 219 01