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The Skarvruet Mountain Lodge is found in the mountain region of north-west Sweden - thousands of square kilometres of alpine landscape with more than 60 peaks, some rising up to 1800 metres above sea level, and several glaciers. Situated on the hillside in this unspoiled landscape, Skarvruet offers amazing views and mountain ranges in all directions.

This old, family-owned mountain lodge has been the second home for outdoor lovers, both in winter and summertime, for generations. The interior – the lobby, restaurant and rooms - are decorated in a rustic and cosy “vintage style” – artistic charm together with a true feeling for old and genuine mountain traditions and real wilderness life. This is a real Mountain Lodge - like taken out of an Agatha Christie book or a Bing Crosby film!

The roughness of the mountains followed by evenings by the crackling fireplace provide an atmosphere that will help you relax in just the way you have always dreamed of.

The Krusell Faily wishes you Welcome!

Standard: Good
Opening hrs: 24 hours
Season:  Christmas-April, Midsummer-September
Price:  See website for information
Info:  Family-owned mountain lodge whith bar and restaurant
Location:  In the south-west part of the swedish mountain region, close to the norwegian border
Centre:  6 km to Funäsdalen or Tänndalen
Skarvruets Högfjällshotell
Skarvruets Högfjällshotell
Skarvruet, SE-840 98 Tänndalen
Tel: +46 684 22111