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Luleå is the county capital of Norrbotten and has sunny summers and a wonderful archipelago, as well as snowy winters and exciting activities at any time of the year. Midsummer sun means that the sun never sets, whatever the time of day or night – you can experience this in Luleå. Perhaps ice-racing, a snow-mobile safari or a dog-sled ride is something you’d like to try?

Luleå has around 70 cabins and a large campsite, with a number of summer restaurants and a large adventure pool waiting for you.

Standard:  Good 
Opening hrs:Highseason: 08.00-23.00
Midseason: 08.00-20.00
Lowseason: 08.00-17.00 
Season:  All year round 
Price:  Call us for information 
Location:  7 km from Luleåcity in Karlsvik
2 km from Storhedens Shopping Mall
10 km from Kallax airport 
Centre:  Storheden 2 km 


First Camp Luleň
First Camp Luleň
Arcusvńgen 110, SE-975 94 Luleň
Tel: +46 920 603 00
Fax: +46 920 603 15