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Gällivare is a pearl in Lapland. From mountains to seemingly endless forests, our beautiful environment is filled with extraordinary experiences. Here you can watch wildlife in the unspoiled wilderness, enjoy the silence of the vast plains and meet interesting people at a nightclub…all in the same day. The town of Gällivare lies on the foot of Dundret, a 823m high mountain. In summer there’s a road that takes you to the top of Dundret, which is one of the best places to enjoy the midnight sun from. There’s a cafe next to the parking lot that’s open till late. Here you can buy coffee and waffels, the great view in all directions is for free. Dundret’s top is quiete flat and offers great hiking from just a couple of hours to a whole day if you want. In winter the slopes of Dundret turn into a popular family ski-resort with six lifts and nine skiing slopes. In addition there are 100km of cross-country skiing tracks in Gällivare, including the stretch on Dundret, where the World Cup premiere takes place every other year.

The Laponia World Heritage Area is located within the districts of Jokkmokk and Gällivare. It consists of four national parks and two nature reserves. Both due to the Sami culture and the natural value of the environment, this region merits its inclusion in the World Heritage list. A world heritage area is a place of cultural or natural importance (or both as in this case), which is of such value that its preservation is a priority for the whole world. Laponia covers a surface of 9,400 km² and consists mainly of two kinds of landscapes. To the east there is a relatively flat area with enormous forests and marshes, while the western area is mountainous terrain consisting of a variety of natural environments. Laponia truly is Europe’s last remaining wilderness, and every summer people from all over the world visit the area for short daytrips or week-long hiking tours.

Snowmobiles are a common way of transport during winter, 8.500 snowmobiles are registered in Gällivare municipality which means that on average every second person owns one. Especially in spring families and groups of friends take their snowmobiles out for pick-nicks in the wilderness, and for longer trips along marked trails. Whether you want to go out on your own or with a guide, a snowmobile safari is the experience of a lifetime. Snowmobiles will literally get you everywhere in winter. You can go on a northern lights safari to deserted snow covered plains, visit a reindeer farm, or do some ice-fishing on a frozen lake. Once you get into it, driving a snowmobile in deep snow gives you the same sensation as being aboard a boat on calm seas. More authentic, but equally exotic is dog-sledding. Whether you drive a snowmobile or manage your own pack of dogs, the ultimate adventure is an expedition of several days through the spectacular environment of Lapland.

The town of Malmberget (Swedish for Iron Mountain) is slowly disappearing in a hole created by the underground iron mine. Without the mine the town would have never existed, so the town’s inhabitants simply move to nearby Gällivare when the time is due. Visiting the iron mine is an unforgettable experience. There are few places in the world where you can actually see mining in progress at such a close range. And Gällivare boasts not just one, but two working mines. East of Gällivare lies AITIK, one of the world’s largest open-cast copper mines. In the three kilometer wide pit you can see some of the biggest trucks that have ever driven on the earth’s surface.

The Arctic Balloon Adventure is the world’s northernmost balloon event, in mid-winter! It takes place in February, when 15 teams from 10 different countries visit Gällivare with their balloons. Tickets are available for those who want to see Lapland from above. The less adventurous can enjoy the event with both feet on the ground. There’s a spectacular night show where the balloons are displayed, and plenty of opportunity to speak to the pilots in Gällivares restaurants and venues.

We welcome you in Gällivare, where new discoveries are closer than you think!

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