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Wild, cultured and beautiful with freedom within reach

Coming to Jokkmokk means to experience adventure or great peacefulness. The contrasts are big; just imagine sunlight all day part of the year and sunlight just a few hours a day the other part. When coming to Jokkmokk you can pass the Arctic Circle at three different places, this indicates that the town is located far up north. If you want to you can get an Arctic Circle certificate. In the summer we have midnight sun which means that the sun does not go below the horizon, this is unique for the area above the Arctic Circle and is an experience to carry with you for the rest of your life. Another of nature’s phenomenon that we get to experience is the northern lights – Aurora Borealis. Some winter nights the green shimmer wanders over the sky and it is as fascinating every time.

Jokkmokk was put on the map in 1605 when King Karl IX decided that a market should take place here every year. Other things like taxpaying and sessions also took place. Thanks to this Jokkmokk became a place of gathering, which it still is 400 years after the first market. The first week in February, Jokkmokk turns into a colourful meeting point for people from all corners of the world. The Historic Market that shows how the market might have been 400 years ago lasts from Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday the Historic Market hands over to the Traditional Market during the inauguration. From Thursday to Saturday you can experience the Traditional Market and all the activities and happenings around, which you also can experience the whole week. It is so much more than a market, come and see for yourself.

Jokkmokk has strong influences of the Sámi culture and if you want to know more about it there are many options. The museum Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi museum was inaugurated in 1989 and has permanent as well as temporary exhibitions about culture and nature in our region.

There is a lot of different local handicraft to be seen, for example, Jokkmokks Tenn, Gamla Apoteket, Hantverksbutiken and Sámi Duodji.

In the village Vuollerim you can visit beautiful gardens and the local homestead. The Old Power Station is exactly what the name tells you. It is located in Porjus and during the summer you can take a guided tour and learn how to turn water into electricity. In the old railway station you can visit Arctic Colors Gallery where there is an exhibition of photos of the northern lights.

If you visit Jokkmokk during the winter you should go to Kåbdalis for one or several days of downhill skiing. You can have a good skier’s lunch at the restaurant which is located 20 meters from the main slope. There are many slopes for different levels of skill.

Our restaurants take pride in serving local delicacies. The ingredients come directly from the nature. Local specialties are alternated with international dishes. You will find good food for everyone’s taste.

There are many different lodging options in the district. Choose what suits you best. You can choose between hotels, cabins, camping places, hostels, private rooms and nice accommodation in the mountains.

If you are interested in open-air activities you simply have to go to the mountain region. There we have three big national parks; Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet which together with Muddus, that is located in the forest region, constitute the world heritage Laponia. Start from Kvikkjokk into the lush Tarra valley or from Ritsem into Padjelanta’s extensive highland. Or why not mount the Skierfe cliff and glance over the Rapa valley?

If you are interested in some adventures with more action maybe rafting or dog sledding could be an option. There are several companies who offer activities like these.

Jokkmokk is a place with opportunities, peaceful surrounded by beautiful nature, where all that you ever dreamed about can become reality. Come here and enjoy the calm or construct your own busy schedule with fun and interesting activities. Come to Jokkmokk; see, experience and enjoy! WELCOME!

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