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Laponia Sami Safari is a nature activity company whose main selection consists of nature- and cultural experiences, presented from a Sami point of view, in the surroundings of the Laponia World Heritage area.

The family’s occupation is reindeer keeping and fishing in the surroundings of the Laponia World Heritage area. Born and raised in the same area, on the same land where previous generations have lived and left imprints and passed on knowledge of their history, which can be interesting for visitors to learn more about.

Reindeer and everyday life reindeer keeping with all that this entails. This could for example be a week in the beginning/mid April when the reindeer migrate from the forests up to high mountain. Join us in cooking both meat and fish in traditional Sami manners. Participate in everyday chores like: feeding, gathering the reindeer in enclosed fields and separating etc.

Ski tours in beautiful undisturbed forests and mountain surroundings, Snowshoe hiking, Snowmobile safari, Icefishing, Grouse hunt, Longer dog team excursions in Laponia, Icehotel (December-April), Killer whale safari (October-February), Slalom, both piste and heliskiing

Hiking, Guided fishing tours, Net fishing in the mountain lakes, Elk call



Laponia Sami Safari
Laponia Sami Safari
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