Norrbotten » Moskosel Camping

The campsite is situated right on the beach and the cottages are in a string along one of the most beautiful bays Moskosel. Here are 13 cabins, tent and RV sites, service and food service.

Standard: The campsite has both a bit more luxurious and slightly simpler types of homes.
Opening hrs: 24 hours
Season: See website
Price: Call us for information
Info: All cabins and RV sites located near the beach and when the weather is beautiful (as it always is ..), then all evening sun overlooking the water. The beach is shallow and bathing.
Location: Located by the route 45 in the village's north side.
Centre: 45 km
Moskosel Camping
Box 23, SE-930 86 Moskosel
Tel: +46 960 30200