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Enjoy your holiday in Älvsbyn and discover the wonderful nature of northern Sweden: the rivers, lakes, forests and mountains. Share our culture, enjoy our finest food and meet the friendly people. Imagine daylight for 24 hours in the summertime or the polar light in the icy cold winter months. Stay in hotels, cabins, or camping sites close to your holiday activities.

Experience the Pite River Valley – where your wilderness adventure begins.

Choose between good or camping standards at hotels, camping, cabins and bed & breakfast.

Fishing, horse ridning, dog sledging, white water rafting, moose and bear safari tours, nature walks.

Storforsen, nature reserv, The church and the church cottages, Petrol museum, bakery museum.

Visit the spectacular Storforsen! Close to the arctic circle you´ll find the greatest of the free-flowing rapids in Europe. Storforsen is the most impressive sight in the region. The area around Storforsen is a nature reserve and well provided with footpaths and walkways that allow the visitors to look at the rapids safely from the edge of the river. Away from the main river it is possible to walk amongst smaller streams, natural pools and rapids. Free entrance in the Nature reserve of Storforsen and you can visit the area whenever you like.

How to get here
Numerous daily flights from Stockholm to Luleå Airport. Älvsbyn is located 65 km from the airport where it is possible to hire cars or arrange taxi. Älvsbyn enjoys good rail services from Stockholm and other cities along the coast. There are local buses and numerous taxis within the region.

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Skolgatan 27, SE-942 31 Älvsbyn
Tel: +46 929 108 60
Fax: +46 929 130 70