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Boden is part of Swedish Lapland and is situated only 40 minutes from Luleå Airport with daily departures to and from Stockholm Arlanda airport. The flight time from Stockholm to Luleå is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The exotic around us
Just ten minutes from Boden you are right there – in silence and solitude. Let the dancing Northern Lights, majestic scenery, fascinating Sami culture and abundant wildlife enchant and enthral you. Here you can try ice-fishing, visit a reindeer paddock, drive a snowmobile, take a hot sauna followed by a icy dip in fresh snow or a hole in the ice, and then stay overnight in a cosy cabin with no electricity. Here the fireplace is a focal point, a place to gather for togetherness, storytelling and the meeting of minds. Create your own holiday or opt for an all-inclusive package. Boden’s tourism organisers collaborate to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time, it can never be more genuine, exotic, real and natural as this.

The military is part of Boden’s history. The Boden fortress was one of the largest military construction projects ever. In the year of 1901 it was decided to construct the largest fortress in Sweden, the Boden fortress. The fortress consists of 1200 different objects where the mighty artilleri positions create a ring around the town. In total the Boden fortress consists of five fortresses. Today you can visit one of them, Rödbergsfortet with its authentic interior.

In order to get a complete overview of the Boden fortress and its defence history we recommend a visit to the Försvarsmuseum (Defence Museum) first and then a guided tour at the Rödbergsfortet (guided tours daily during the summer months, prebooking necessary during winter). If you are really interested in military vehicles we can recommend a visit to the P5 Association who runs the Pansarmuseét. During the summer the fortress guide offers an exciting guided coach tour called BFHP – to the secret places of the Boden Fortress). If you wish to visit the Boden Fortress by yourself we can recommend the booklet “Your guide to Boden Fortress”, which can be purchased at the Tourist information centre.

Sport fishing
In Boden there is amazing opportunities for angling, with its more than hundred lakes and two rivers. River Luleå is a river known as one of the best salmon and trout fishing areas in Sweden. In the river Råneå you can fish for grayling, trout and it is one of the best places in Sweden to fish for pike. If you want to catch the larger fish you should contact one of the fishing guides. They have the experience and training necessary to enable you to catch a fish more quickly. Contact companies such as Arctic fishing, Camp Svanis, Fishing North or the Tourist Information Centre for further information.

Theme parks

Western Farm.
Welcome to the wildest town of the west this side of the Atlantic. Travel back to a time when cowboys and gunmen were quick on the draw, when unknown bank robbers created fear amongst the bank managers, the undertaker were more than busy and when the sheriff was the toughest of them all. The theme park is open during the summer. For the rest of the year Western Farm offers show evenings such as The Christmas Extravaganza.

Boden’s well known aqua park Nordpoolens is a house for the whole body. Here you can find everything from large exciting water slides to climbing walls, swimming pools, gyms and restaurants. NordPoolen is the perfect place for promotion of health an improvement of relationships. It is the perfect place for promotion of health and improvement of relationships. It is family friendly with a tropical climate, emerald green warm water which gives you quality of life, it is a challenge, and gives a feeling of wellbeing and fun.

PEAB Travet
PEAB Travet is the northernmost racing track for harness racing in Sweden. The adrenaline coursing through the track, horses at maximum speed and the driver prestige makes a day at the races something special.


Boden’s alpine centre with its slopes for children and competitors alike, forests specially managed for skiing off piste, a park for the playful and a professional ski school. The area around Storklinten have much to offer with regard to outdoors adventure. It has brilliant fishing within walking distance, snowmobile paths and crosscountry tracks. Newly constructed cabins for rent

Creative Adventure
Is an adventure company in Råneå river valley that operates throughout the whole of the Swedish Lapland. It arranges events and activities throughout the year for 1-300 people be it companies or individuals. It tailors the adventure to suit your wishes and requirements exactly.

Arctic Adventure
The company offering you a total package. Would you like a historic kick sled trip in Boden, an Arctic Trail trip including Ice hotel or a snowmobile safari with a wilderness dinner?

In Boden you can choose to live in anything from a wood hut in the forest to a four star hotel in town. The choices are many. You can find a camping ground just 5 minutes walk from the centre of town, or scenic located camping grounds with cabins. A real wilderness experience in cabins with no electricity in a countryside with no paths, a centrally located hostel and several hotels.

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