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Wander through the African rainforest, pay a visit to Lemurland, take a river journey through South America and visit to our new orang-utan house. In a journey through the Planet of the Apes on three continents, Africa, Asia and South America, you will meet everything from powerful great apes to tiny, adorable marmosets.

We want you to get close, really close. In our rainforest, you can follow the path surrounded by 30 loose boa constrictors. In the middle of the path in Kangaroo Safari, you can come face to face with our hopalong friends from Australia. Together with Lund University we run the Primate Research Station at Furuvik. Our mission is to disseminate knowledge and increase understanding and respect for the animals.

The Tivoli
Spin yourself dizzy in our "coffee cups" or swing away aboard the Pirate Ship. The really brave can explore the Haunted Castle. For the 2011 season, the whole amusement park has had a major facelift, with several exciting new rides.

The Adventure Zone
This is where the Wild Kids programme is made. Try the competition and visit the lairs of the lions and bears. If you like challenges, go for the Wild Track high ropes course.

The Pool
Our big beautiful swimming pool, which has had a major facelift, will entice you to a refreshing dip on hot summer days. Here you can climb in Aqua Jungle and or go whizzing down the water slide.

The Park
The park is known for its profusion of flowers and greenery – 16,000 plants newly planted each spring. The scenic seaside location is fantastic

Food & Drink
Our Circus Restaurant has all the children's favourites on the menu, and carefully selected fast food from all over the world. Furuviks Brygga ("Furuvik's Jetty") offers a rich variety of dishes in a nautical setting with magnificent views. Don't miss our retro cafe, Gyllene Katten ("the Golden Cat"), or Fiskeläget ("the Fishing Village"), which serves snacks from the sea in an authentic environment.

Midsummer celebrations in Furuviks Park are a traditional treat for all ages. Put on a cowboy hat and visit our popular Scandinavian Country Fair. We can guarantee full speed ahead for three days of Scandinavia's biggest country music festival.

Christmas in Furuvik
Weekends during Advent 2011 will feature million points of light: we invite you to savour the warm, peaceful and radiant atmosphere of Christmas in Furuvik.

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