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One of Sweden`s oldest collections in a entirley new Museum!
The museum that is located under the imposing Funäsdalsberget gets its design from old and new. The exterior is almost as exciting as the interior. The cultural history of Härjedalen is on exhibit. An exciting exhibit, fun for both young and old. There are lots of things to view and experience.

The Playhouse
The kid`s favourite with its secret passage. When you crawl through the little people` s world up to the mountain pasture you are transported back in time 100 years. Here is the lake where you will always catch something, cows are in need to be milked, and kids to be cared for while the fires has to be stoked.

New exhibits every season
New exhibits are arranged around a current with every new season. At the museum you will experience how history encounters our present time from different perspectives.

The Näsvall Auditorium
During season there are theatre perfomances, movies, music performances, lectures and several other things. You can see 3 Film/slideshows:

  • 100 years of Jämtland-Härjedalen in 10 minutes.
  • "The landscape that God forgot…"
  • The Sami people of southern Lapland.

The Antiquarian Park
In connection with the museum is the Antiquarian Park. It will offer you a stroll amoung 16th century houses from Härjedalen. The park is open year round. During season activities are arranged for both kids and adults.

Cafè “Gästis”
Relax from the exhibits and activities with a cup of coffee and fresh baked goods in a pleasant setting.

The Fjäll Museum has received several great rewards, among them “The European Museum of the Year” award in 2001.

Härjedalens Fjällmuseum
Härjedalens Fjällmuseum
Rörosvägen 30, SE-840 94 Funäsdalen
Tel: +46 684 164 25