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We offer you an experience you’ll never forget.

Kallax Flyg offers you a fantastic experience here in the mountains where we live and work. We have everything that’s needed to tailormake your journey – a journey that will make you yearn to return to the mountains as soon as you’re in the sauna at the end of your adventure. We’ll take you over some of Swedish Lapland’s most remote areas in a seaplane or helicopter. As we travel across these wide-open spaces there is very little chance that we’ll come across any other visitors.

Tell us what your wishes us and we’ll tailor-make a trip in the wilderness for you. We have a variety of very interesting places to visit, angling waters for example, and we can create a trip based on your experience and your expectations. Once you’ve made up your mind the rest is easy and we can transport you and your friends to a roadless territory whenever you wish.

In Kiruna we can offer angling and hunting trips, guided tours of Kebnekaise, helicopter skiing and other adventures in untouched territory, and we have our own booking office and bases in Kiruna-Kurravaara, Nikkaluokta and Abisko. We also have bases in Lycksele, Piteå, Arvidsjaure and Alta, Norway.

Welcome to us and the mountain world we know so well!

Kallax Flyg
Kallax Flyg
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