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In the northern reaches of Swedish Lapland, 200 km above the Arctic Circle, lies Kiruna, nestling in a natural setting of imposing mountains, deep forests and thousands of lakes in the midst of wilderness, yet only a 90-minute flight from Stockholm's Arlanda airport.

Kiruna is an exotic place. Visitors from all over the world come here to enjoy the fresh air, clean water and magnificent silence and of course the magnificent Northern Lights and Mid night Sun. Kiruna derives its special charm from its people, and their origins in three different cultures: the Sami, the Tornedal Finnish, and of course the Swedish. Kiruna can guarantee a superlative choice of activities all year round.

Welcome to the city of contrasts!

ICEHOTEL is one of northern Europe's best-known landmarks. Situated in Jukkasjärvi, just minutes from Kiruna town centre, ICEHOTEL has become famous for its innovative art in ice and snow. Living in ICEHOTEL is an incomparable experience, unlike a stay in any other hotel. Why not start off a wide range of activities with a drink "in" – not "on" – the rocks at the ABSOLUT ICEBAR!

Abisko, the charming little village in the fantastic mountain world of Lapland, is framed by the well-known silhouette of Lapporten and the great Torneträsk lake. Abisko National Park comprises a fascinating series of landscapes, an attraction for visitors hiking or skiing along Sweden's best known hiking trail, Kungsleden. Apart from all these activities and fine accommodation, Abisko is an unsurpassed location for viewing the Northern Lights and here you can visit the Aurora Sky Station, situated on Mt Nuolja in Abisko Nationalpark.

Moose farm
At the village of Vittangi, 45 minutes from Kiruna, is the world's most northerly Moose farm, where you can get to know this magnificent animal which we call king of the forest.

Midnight Sun
Wherever you happen to be in Kiruna municipality, you can experience the unique midnight Sun from end of may to middle of July. This gives us the opportunity to keep going all the hours of the day. Combine your visit with activities, adventures and late, light nights.

Northern Lights
With the end of August, as the nights grow longer, comes the chance to experience the legendary northern lights, that magical luminescence sweeping across the vault of the heaven like a veil in a cascade of colours. Kiruna municipality is situated in the auroral oval, which is the area where the northern lights is most active. The best way to experience the phenomenon is to get away from the lights of the town – into the wilderness by horse and sled, dog team or snow scooter.

Technical Visit
Kiruna has long been known for its high-technology business community and environmental research. Many exciting projects and companies have been established here over the years. There are now opportunities to visit these enterprises, such as Esrange Space Centre and the Institute of Speca Physics, on organized tours with knowledgeable guides and scientists. Space tourism is also a focus of one such initiative, with flights scheduled to begin within the coming years.

Sami culture
Experience the culture of the Sami (the indigenous Laplanders); go reindeer herding or sleigh riding, or enjoy a meal in an authentic Sami tent with an open fire.

LKAB InfoMine
In Kiruna you can visit the world’s largest underground iron ore mine. This tour is unique, as it gives you the chance to visit a productive mine. The mining is still one of Kiruna’s most important industries. A bus will take you straight into the mountain and down to the exhibition mine LKAB InfoMine, to the level of 540 meters.

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