Northern Sweden » Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen is a small mountain village that offers great skiing. Just outside the village, Hovärken mountain has been developed with lifts and a range of skiing from beginner to advanced. Here are also a large children's area, a fun park, and skiing in both high and low zones, making the area accessible in all weathers. Driving a snow scooter is also a popular activity: there are several rental firms and safaris are organized regularly to nearby mountains or for longer excursions.

Winter in Lofsdalen is something very special. Lofsdalen is a well-known "snow hole", as we say up here. This means that there will normally be lots of snow, and when others are struggling with snow canons we are most probably gliding along on the natural stuff. In the 2009-10 winter season, you can enjoy some new facilities including an activity centre with bowling alleys, restaurants and play areas.

The village itself also contains restaurants, shopping, a newly built food hall and pleasant walkways between the chalets and the village centre.

The summer is just as interesting. Fishermen visit Lofsdalen at all times of year: in particular the nearest lake, Lofsjön, offers fantastic fishing, and is well known for its  arge trout. But there are also plenty of smaller lakes and rivers with fine fishing. The village fishing guide can help you find just the right spot.

Others visit the village after long mountain walks or for mountain biking, crosscountry or downhill.

Lofsdalsvägen 37, SE-840 85 Lofsdalen
Tel: +46 680 41233
Fax: +46 680 41525