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Ragundadalen - a valley with unique things to do and see.

Ragundadalen is located between the coast and the mountains, along the silvery waters of Indalsälven. It has mountains, forests and lots of fine fishing opportunities - and we guarantee that you’ll not feel hemmed in by the crowds. You can find your own little oasis almost anywhere in its 2,500 square kilometres and, if you do bump into someone else in the forest, it could be a moose, a bear, or some of our other wildlife. If you don’t manage to find them yourself, we have both hunting and fishing guides.

We can also guarantee that if you want fish, you will get fish. There are plenty of grayling and trout in Ammerån’s rapids. Do battle with the large trout in Indalsälven or hook a pike in one of the many forest lakes. And if you get weary of wildlife and nature, there are many other things to see and do: go white-water rafting in Ammerån, take a hike to the Dead Falls to hear the story of the man who emptied a lake and silenced a waterfall in just four hours, or roll down a 150-metre long hill inside a gigantic plastic ball – a Zorb. Visit the huge timber villas in Skyttmon or our unique Thai pavilion in Utanede, which was built in memory of the beloved King Chulalongkorn of Siam and is both beautiful and exotic. If you’re really brave, perhaps you’ll have enough courage to stay overnight in the haunted vicarage in Borgvattnet?

In December, when the snow has settled, you can ski down Kullstabacken or along well-groomed trails through the forest – or perhaps you would like to slide down the only international bobsleigh track in Sweden. You can also try curling and skating, or why not a kick sled trip? The amount of available activities means we have something for everyone, but perhaps this is particularly true if you want to wind down and relax.

Ragunda also has museums, beautiful old churches, cosy cafés, restaurants that serve delicious food and many small, independent shops. You can stay at hotels or hostels, cabins or camping grounds, farmstays or in bed & breakfasts. Quite simply, there is accommodation for every taste and budget.

At Ragundadalen Turism, we are happy to help you find and book whatever you need to make your visit a fantastic experience. Welcome!

Ragundadalen Turism
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