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Strömsund - Frostviken
Adventure awaits you here – are you ready?

Here you will find Sweden's most beautiful tourist route, leading you through the Frostviksfjällen highlands and taking in one of Europe's finest automobile museums, the municipality boasting the world's densest brown bear population, Sweden's longest cave and North Jämtland's largest outdoor market.

The destinations Strömsund and Frostviken are situated in northern Jämtland and together form the municipality of Strömsund. Locally produced food and handicrafts are dear to our heart in our district. There are award-winning cheeses from goat's and cow's milk produced on our farms, charcuterie, berries and sheep products. The choice is yours. Ceramics workshops, forges and artists' studios welcome visitors and offer a wide range of products for sale.

The area is distinguished by Frostviksfjällen to the north, which borders on Norway in the west, and Lapland in the north. Here are 430 square kilometres containing 1000 km of marked trails and 55 gentle peaks over 1000 metres. Streams flow down from the mountains through the gentle valleys, magical virgin forests and thriving farmland. Take the beautiful Wilderness Road, ( straight up past the tree line to Stekenjokk.

Hällingsåfallet, is a tourist attraction out of the ordinary. The 800 m long waterfilled canyon, northern Europe's longest, leads to the 43 m high and mighty waterfall. Korallgrottan, the Coral Cave, is the longest cave in Sweden: more than 6 km have been mapped. Here, with a guide, you can scramble along like a real speleologist: there are no light fixtures or ramps. Above ground, a trail also enables you to experience the unique limestone landscape of Bjurälven, on your own or with a guide. For a spot of star-gazing on a clear winter evening you can visit the observatory atop Brännklumpen at Gäddede.

Strömsund municipality is a paradise for snowmobilers, with miles of groomed snowmobile trails: snowmobile maps are on sale at the tourist offices. If you prefer to glide in silence, we recommend a dogsled tour or even a turn on skis, alpine or cross-country, the choice is yours.

For fishermen, there is every possibility of a truly memorable catch, whether you're fly-fishing, jigging or trolling, summer or winter! There are big lakes, small mountain tarns, rushing rivers and superb trout ponds. Guides are available in fine hunting and fishing camps.

Ströms Vattudal is a chain of large lakes, and further east are the wide expanses of lakes Flåsjön and Tåsjöns. You can smell the trout, huge northern pike and big fat perch from afar.... Further along the system, grayling, whitefish,and more perch and pike join the party. And here the trout are even bigger - in Ströms Vattudal the Bågedeöring - probably the country's finest strain of lake trout, reaching weights of up to 15 kg - reigns supreme.

Large trout and pike are best fished using wobblers and large spoons: from shore or by rowing or "trolling" (using outboard powered boat).

There is excellent terrain for hiking, mostly in Frostviken in the northern part of the municipality. If you fancy a walk in the forest, there are well-marked exercise paths and forest trails of various lengths.

You decide whether we stay in hotels, hostels, cottage or camping. There is accommodation to suit all.

The Tourist offices in Strömsund and Frostviken are happy to help you book your adventure.

Photo: AxeHandle Mountain/Elisabeth Andersson
Photo: Isabella Jacobsson
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