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Experience the Göta Canal (Gota Canal) and Kinda Canal on your own without being a boat owner. Hiring a boat is an excellent way to enjoy the Swedish summer, the water and above all the fantastic experience that the Göta Canal is. Hiring instead of owning a boat is the most attractive alternative for many. We have comfortable, easy manoeuvred and fully equipped boats for up to 9 persons. The Göta Canal was one of the largest civil engineering projects ever undertaken in Sweden. The canal stretches from Sjötorp on Lake Vänern to Mem on the east coast. It has a length of 190 kilometres and a total of 58 locks. Of this distance, 87 kilometres are man-made.

Opening hrs:  24 hours 
Season:  May-September 
Price:  SEK 12000 – 30000 / Week 
Info:  Boat rental without captain on Göta Canal and Kinda Canal 
Location:  Vadstena, Motala, Sjötorp, Söderköping 

Vättern Kanal Charter AB
Vättern Kanal Charter AB
Vipv. 1, SE-592 42 Vadstena
Tel: +46 143 298 87
Fax: +46 143 122 91