Interview with Scan-Suisse


    Bo Andersen,

    What type of travel agent is Scan-Suisse, and can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you ended up in the travel business?

    Scan-Suisse is a Brazilian tour operator/wholesaler specialized in operation to the Nordic countries. The difference between Scan-Suisse and our competitors is that we are not dealing with one single incoming tour operator but with tour operators selling different products at various levels, so that we are able to offer any kind of service to the even most demanding agent/client. Many of our competitors often buy services from us that they cannot get from their supplier, as they are sure that they will get what they need – or at least an indication as to how to go about it – through Scan-Suisse.

    I was born in Denmark in 1947. After a long period with SAS in Copenhagen, I decided to exchange Scandinavia for the vibrant, subtropical way of life in Brazil and accepted an offer from SAS to become part of their family in Sâo Paulo. With a good knowledge of Portuguese and a solid Scandinavian background, I relished the chance to take on our European competitors, filling up our weekly aircraft to Europe by visiting the travel and cargo agents in southern Brazil. After twelve years, I decided to start my own business, and together with a Swiss friend launched our company in 1985. We soon found tour operations the most interesting, and decided to set up packages for Scandinavia and South America to sell on the Brazilian market as well as packages for incoming tourists to South America.

  2. Approx. how many tourists does Scan-Suisse send to Scandinavia each year?
    Today we send approximately 1000 passengers to Scandinavia and we look after some 300 Scandinavians coming to South America per year.

  3. What do you think of the Venture Sweden publication and in which way do you use it?

    Many Brazilians go to their agents for information about what, when, where and how to do things in Scandinavia. In many cases the agents give us a call or pass the reservation on to us, and mostly we can handle it without getting in contact with our Scandinavian suppliers. If the agents had a copy of Venture Sweden, they would be able to reply to their clients quickly and easily.

    Venture Sweden is a sort of "Bible" for us – we use it almost daily. It is easy to sell a guaranteed departure in a group but when you have to sell an individual tour with a rented car and need to give comprehensive, detailed information to the agents or passengers, the Venture Sweden guide is a must.

  4. Is it anything more that, in your opinion, we should put in the book that would make it more helpful for you?

    We would like more information about internal transportation in Scandinavia with routings and departure times – cruises and ferries, for example.
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