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The Tycho Brahe Science Centre at Ven was one of Europe's leading scientific institutions. This is where the nobleman Tycho Brahe carried out research that would lay the foundation for our modern vision of the world. The Tycho Brahe Museum is one of the most important sites in the history of science.

Mementoes of Tycho Brahe include:

  • The museum includes films, models and artefacts. Opened in 2005. The museum is housed in the former All Saints Church.
  • Renaissance garden with over 150 garden plants typical of 16th-century Denmark.
  • The underground astronomical observatory, Stjärneborg, where multi-media performances are staged.
  • The Science Centre, including weather station and playground.
  • Museum shop.
  • Tourist information office.
  • Annual outdoor exhibition.
  • Planet Walk.
Opening hrs:From Easter to the end of September and weekends during October 10-16
During high season in July 10-18
Pre-booked groups: All year around
Price: See website 
Info: In the days of Tycho Brahe, science and the view of the world were connected 
Location: Ven, Skåne. 
Tycho Brahe Museum
Tycho Brahe Museum
Landsvägen 182, 260 13 Sankt Ibb
Tel: +46 418 470582