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This southwestern corner of Småland is home to many myths and even storytellers. Here, in what was once Sweden´s last outpost against Denmark, two cultures come together, and land bears traces of the dramatic epochs in the district´s past.

Don´t miss a detour to Riksettan, just 2 hrs from Copenhagen: Trunk Road R1, once Sweden´s most important highway for hunters, the King and his entourage and marching troops. Today it is a tourist route that runs parallel to the E4-but at a slower pace and much closer to peaceful nature. The way to a nicer pace of life may be a canoetrip on Lagan River and Lake Bolmen where you can find peace for the soul as you glide slowly towards exciting shore stops.

The King of the Forest has his visiting address along the road through southern Småland with no less than three elk parks. The Ljungberg Museum however, is only found in Ljungby, which is also the location of Sweden´s only Museum of Legends, the stage for the annual storytelling festival. The land of Legends, well, that is everywhere - magical springs and troll trees, gnomes and sirens of the wood - and in the heart of the forest is Stockhultsgården with its unusual tea buffet and handicraft.

We meet in a world of expressions of local handicraft, food and traditions. It is characterised by a rich asset of tasteful design, goldsmiths, ceramics, antique shops, and designers of kitchen and furniture.

Welcome to Ljungby and Markaryd

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