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The municipality of Flen is in the heart of Sörmland, with all of its farms, crofts, oak pastures and lakes. Castles and manors, historic industrial areas, picturesque market towns or distinctive rural communities – the contrasts are great.

Hälleforsnäs has a cultural identify tied to its old ironworks and the Kolhusteatern summer theatre. Hälleforsnäs is best known for “Bruket” (the Works) and for the place the works represents.

The old industrial setting has been given a major facelift and the authentic atmosphere has been preserved through the use of original glass, brick walls and bare concrete that contrasts with the modern design that generally characterises the area. A Factory outlet area, a number of shops, businesses, an artgallery and a tourist office open all year, are situated here.

Malmköping – Sweden´s first market town! The picturesque area has a long history. There are remains of settlements from the Stone Age, graves from the Iron Age and buildings heralding from the days when a military regiment was stationed here. The Royal Södermanland Regiment was based in Malmköping from 1774 until 1921. Many of the old buildings in the community are very well preserved and the area’s residents proudly maintain their beautiful structures. Commerce continues to be important to Malmköping, the town´s picturesque shops bear witness to that.

Mellösa is a beautiful and very old cultural district. It was here the oldest wheel in Sweden was found – from the 5th century AD. Harpsund , the recreational residence for Sweden´s prime minister, is located here. Many foreign leaders are invited to come here to enjoy Swedish nature at its best. The road to Harpsund goes through the old village with its church dating back to the 13th century.

There are eleven Book Towns in Europe and the Book Town in Mellösa is the first in Sweden, all are in picturesque locations. A children’s Book Town was added in 2009. Available here are books, art, meeting places, nature experiences, literature and so much more.

Båven – the largest of Sörmland´s lakes is located in Flen. Lake Båven is a paradise for ospreys and Sparreholm near Båven is a small and pretty place with a beautiful castle and a museum of nostalgia.

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