Southern Sweden » Boda Wärdshus

Apartment Hotel is in the middle of the Kingdom of Crystal. We offer low prices and fully equipped kitchen and WC & shower of your own.

Apartment Hotel with modern cosy apartments with one, two or three rooms, fully equipped kitchen and WC & shower. You don’t share kitchen and WC & shower with other people. Suitalbe for children (children half the price). 300 m to the restaurant Boda Wärdshus, where you check in and also get reduced prices. Also suitable for groups and conferences, where we offer you good prices. Specialities: Dishes from local wild animals such as moose from our own butchery. Possibilities for shopping wild meat at reduced prices in Boda Wärdshus. Possibilities also for shopping at reduced prices in the glass shop and in Stockholm Design House, Glass Museum and Hermans Crystal. Near the glassworks in Kosta, Orrefors, Åfors, Johansfors, Pukeberg and so on. Near Vilhelm Moberg´s Emigrant country. Near lake with bathe. Possibilities for hunting and fishing. Walking trail. Small winding roads suitable for bicycle tours.

Standard:  Modern apartments 
Opening hrs:  24 hours 
Season:  All year 
Price:  SEK 175 pr person 
Info:  Apartment hotel with 1, 2 and 3 room apartments. 50 beds. Conference room for 60 people. 
Location:  Kingdom of Crystal 
Boda Wärdshus
Storgatan 16, SE-360 65 Boda Glasbruk
Tel: +46 481 24095
Tel: +46 738 40 2048
Tel: +46 738 40 2250