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Borås is western Sweden's second largest city and the hub of the Sjuhärad region. More than 100,000 people currently live here, while 1.5 million live within a 100 km radius. Borås was founded in 1621, when it was already cradle of the textile industry in Sweden. The textile industry remains a major influence, but the focus today is on innovation, design and ground-breaking new ideas. Culture, business, sport and education have helped to transform Borås into a city with great faith in the future. It is less than 40 minutes to Gothenburg and only 25 minutes to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport.

  • Borås Zoo is one of the largest in Scandinavia. Here you can see tigers, lions, monkeys, elephants and many native Swedish fauna such as moose, lynx and wolves. This year, the new bear enclosure will enable you to come right up close to the animals.
  • Upzone is Borås new adventure park, a climbing attraction to get you high in the treetops. Challenge yourself! Upzone offers four levels of difficulty for all ages.
  • Stadsparksbadet is a water park in central Borås with water slides, water cannons, a climbing wall, diving tower and wave pool... not to mention a sauna and Jacuzzi.
  • Navet Science Centre offers exciting experiences out of the ordinary in engineering, mathematics and science. At Navet you can try things out, touch, press, squeeze... experiment.
  • Sculpture is something Borås has plenty of: our nine-metre-high Pinocchio is only one of many high-quality works of art. There are more than 30 internationally recognized public works in central Borås.
  • Abecita Corsettfabrik Arts Museum shows leading contemporary photographers. It also houses one of largest collections of modern graphics in Europe, open to visitors by prior arrangement.
  • The Museum of Textile History is one of Europe's leading museums of its kind, with a unique collection of textile manufacturing machines shown in operation every day. Temporary exhibitions vary during the year, from art and design to the latest textile science and technological developments.
  • Borås Museum of Arts is well known in Sweden, with exhibitions of Swedish and international contemporary art. Visitors are welcome to a newly refurbished, museum full of surprises: new gallery spaces, a videobox, and a room for contemplation.
  • The Museum of History of Borås (Borås Museum) is an outdoor museum, beautifully situated in Ramnaparken, focusing on how people lived and worked in the district through the centuries. Attractive exhibits cover the history of Boras, crafts and folklore.
  • Borås city. A pedestrian precinct in the city centre boasts a wide range of shops, comfortable open spaces and cafes. Proximity to the river Viskan makes it easy to relax. Sandwalls Plats, with its stairs down to the Viskan, is one of Borås' favourite places.
  • Knalleland. Every year seven million shoppers visit Knalleland. There is everything from shopping malls, commercial buildings and speciality shops to cafes, restaurants and groceries. You can buy the latest fashions, electronics, furniture, tools and toys. Knalleland is within walking distance of Borås city.
  • Bargains. A number of factory outlets in and around Borås offer a wealth of good buys to canny shoppers, especially in textiles and fabrics.
Österlånggatan 1-3, SE-503 31 Borås
Tel: +46 33 35 70 90