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Borås Museum is a heritage and open-air museum housed in a complex of 14 buildings beautifully situated in the Ramna Park in central Borås. The variety of buildings demonstrates traditional Swedish building methods and presents lifestyles from bygone eras. The park is also home to the beautiful wooden Ramna Church, which dates back to 1699.

The buildings were transported from various parts of the Sjuhärad region to the open-air museum in the Ramna Park. The museum buildings also house exhibitions with focus on local history and handicrafts.

The remains of the Dannike woman are part of the museums permanent collection. Her remains were found together with her well preserved clothing during peat digging in1942. The find dates back to the late seventeenth century.

Opening hrs:11-17 
Season:Apr - Sep Tue-Sun
Oct-Mar Sat & Sun
Monday closed
Price: Admission free  
Info: Regional and open-air museum incorporating five municipalities in the region of Sjuhärad.   
Location: Borås  
Centre: Ramnaparken, Borås 
Borås Museum
Borås Museum
Ramnaparken, SE-501 80 Borås
Tel: +46 333 585 80
Fax: +46 333 585 87