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Borås Zoo – welcome to our world.

Visit Borås Zoo and get acquainted with your favourite animal. Listen to the roar of the lions, watch the magnificent African elephants playing on the savannah among giraffes, antelopes, zebras and buffalos. Enjoy the sight of the chimpanzees and the gibbons playing in the treetops and meet our Nordic predators, the wolf, lynx and big brown bear.

Borås Zoo offers a great adventure for everyone. The zoo, which extends over an area of 40 hectares, is home to more than 60 different animal species, each with its own unique character. We also offer an exotic restaurant overlooking the savannah, kiosks, cafés, BBQ sites, gift shops, lotteries and much more.

Borås Camping with its 75 cabins, over 400 campsites and a youth hostel is situated in short walking distance from the zoo entrance. Contact us for special offers.

Be a Zoo – keeper for a day!
We offer a range of group activities for our visitors. Why not try out the life of a zoo keeper for a day? This is your chance to find out what it is like to work with the animals in the zoo. Have you ever wondered how we look after an elephant? Or how we get the lions indoors at night? Zoo life offers a range of exciting experiences and practical work.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at one of Sweden’s largest zoos!

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Welcome to our world!!

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