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The deep forests of Småland is a well-known concept in Sweden. The Gnosjoregion is situated in south-west Småland, with wonderful coniferous forests full of lichens, mosses, mushrooms and berries. Walking in the forest and listening to birdsong and the wind in the trees brings peace to stressed souls. At twilight, with a bit of luck, you can see elk, deer, fox and hare when they come out to graze in the evening.

Store Mosse is Sweden’s southernmost national park and its largest area of wetland south of Lapland. You can put on a pair of “snowshoes” in the middle of the summer and go out for an exclusive experience, walking on the marsh.

The “Gnosjö Spirit” has its origins in the region’s industrious and innovative inhabitants. The region has many small industries and businesses that produce most of the things you use in your everyday life; everything from can openers to vehicle parts and wallets. Each town has an industrial museum, local heritage museum and other places where you can experience a sense of history.

Today it is the Digital Gnosjö Spirit that counts. The internet portal has lots of information about the region: places to eat, attractions, businesses and municipal information.

Start your journey on the internet and then click onwards to find your very own special place. In the summer you can visit Europe’s biggest Western centre, High Chaparral, and travel back to the Wild west of the 1800s, with exhilarating shows and a great atmosphere. The whole family will love it!

In the winter you can put your skis on and whiz down some of Isaberg’s 6 km of groomed pistes. Isaberg is the biggest ski centre in southern Sweden. The Gnosjoregion has all you need for several years of wonderful holidays, or why not just move here and become part of it all!

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