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TRIP Global Award - "The best experience in Sweden"
Winner: Gota Canal Steamship Company

Welcome on board and into another world!
A cruise on one of our canal ships is like journeying into another world. You turn off your mobile phone, leave the stress of everyday life behind, and give yourself a few days of total relaxation with good food, interesting encounters and rewarding conversations.

The Göta Canal is one of the most remarkable waterways in the world and one of the communication links between Sweden's two largest cities. The canal itself is 190 km long, most of it dug out by hand. Between 1810 and 1832 some 58 000 soldiers removed 300 000 cubic meters of rock and earth in order to create the three-meter deep and app. 14-metre wide canal. The construction foreman and certainly the one who promoted the project most strongly was Baltzar von Platen. An unparalleled cruise in time on one of the most remarkable waterways in the world, a voyage with focus on pleasure, experiences and relaxation.

Whether you travel with M/S Juno, Wilhelm Tham or Diana, each cruise should be an unforgettable event for our passengers. Every passenger who joins our cruises can look forward to as many as six memorable days. By completing the journey you will have experienced one river, eight lakes, two seas and three canals with 66 locks, including the unique experience of having ascended 91 meters via the ingenious locks before returning to sea level.

Gota Canal Steamship Company
Gota Canal Steamship Company
Pusterviksgatan 13, SE-413 01 Göteborg
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