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Welcome to Högsbyns Fritidscenter - Camping, Camp House and Cottages.
Enjoy our stunning nature!

Högsbyns Fritidscenter is located in the Dalsland region, by the lake Råvarpen. In our holiday centre you can camp, rent a cottage, arrange camp schools and much more. At the centre you can rent a canoe or a boat or go on a walking tour!

In the beautiful nature close by you will find many fantastic lakes, waterways and walking paths. Or you can just relax with sunbathing and swimming on our fine shallow sand beach. It is a small peaceful family camping park. You can choose if you want to camp by the small stream or by the lake.

The Dalsland region is a paradise for canoeists, cyclists, anglers and hikers. It is also perfect for those who just want to relax. Close by the park is one of the biggest petroglyph sites in Sweden, also said to be one of the most beautiful. Well worth more than one visit.

Within walking distance you reach the railcar that takes you on a lovely tour to Håverud and the aqueduct.

Welcome to our camping park where all the sites are facing the lake.

Högsbyns Fritidscenter
Högsbyns Fritidscenter
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