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Kinda – warm and inviting

In Kinda we are close to nature, to culture and to each other. Kinda is part of the Sommenbygd district in the province of Östergötland, on the border of Småland in southeastern Sweden, where nature and culture impart inspiration and strength. Beautiful meadows, fields and wilderness areas beckon for rambling and simple enjoyment of the great outdoors. Caves and traces of the inland ice offer exciting adventures.

The Sverigeleden trail winds its way through Kinda and is best experienced by bicycle. If you prefer hiking, the 110 km long Östgötaleden walking trail also passes through Kinda. Those of you who would prefer to enjoy Kinda on horseback will find everything from riding for beginners to advanced courses in dressage.

There are over 400 lakes – notably lakes Åsunden and Sommen – which, together with the Kinda Canal and the river Stångån, offer exciting canoeing and boating. Swim or fish in a new lake every day!

The Kinda Canal, with its 15 locks, guest harbours, canal boats and sailing clubs, is a cultural treasure, a blue ribbon running through the heart of the municipality. Cultural life – design, handicrafts, farmers markets, theatres, art and music – is vibrant throughout the year. Artisans, writers and artists will find inspiration and a peaceful work environment in Kinda. On your own or with a guide, you can discover nature reserves, ancient monuments, churches and museums. In Kisa, visit Sweden's first travel agency: the Kisa Emigrant Museum and Café Columbia dating back to the mid 19th century.

In wintertime, alpine skiing is available at one of southern Sweden's largest ski resorts, Tolvmannabacken in Kisa, or enjoy skating on any of our lakes or the Kinda Canal.

In Kinda we are committed to the development our business community. Over the years a trustworthy partnership has developed between businesses and the municipality, of which "Growing Power Kinda" is an example. Many companies are small or medium-sized and are often connected to forestry, paper or a workshop. Here you will find delightful experiences on which you will dwell at length – memories of a lifetime. Memories that will make you want to return again and again...maybe even to live in Kinda!

So, whether your goal is recreation or a new future, welcome to Kinda where we live close to each another in spiritual and intellectual harmony.

Kinda Tourist Office
Kinda Tourist Office
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