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The Ljungberg Museum was built in 1990, entirely on private initiative, and was inaugurated by the then Minister of Culture. The museum is owned and operated by a foundation whose primary mission is to show Ann-Margret Dahlquist Ljungberg's and Sven Ljungberg's prints, drawings, paintings, books, etc.. The museum doubled its area with new buildings in 2002 and has pursued an active programme of exhibitions of high national and international standard, often in cooperation with other Nordic art museums. Today the Ljungberg Museum enjoys funding from local, regional and national authorities, and functions as the Kronoberg County Museum of Art.

The Ljungberg Museum occupies a scenic location in the centre of Ljungby; from the museum's cafe, you can enjoy a view of the river Lagan. The museum organizes a variety of cultural events, such as lectures, evenings with writers, pub evenings, concerts, theatre, etc.. Its active cooperation with local schools is also important.

Opening hrs: Tue-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 12-16,
Monday closed
Season: All year
Price: 60 sek, students 40 sek
Info: Ljungberg Museum/County Art Museum, in the centre of Ljungby, with exhibitions, museum shop, children's workshop and cafe.
Location: Ljungby
Centre: City centre

Strandgatan 5, SE-341 30 Ljungby
Tel: +46 372 62036