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Nature in Sweden
Sweden is 1,600 kilometres from the south to the north. This means that the nature varies in different parts of Sweden. Cultivated land accounts for some eight per cent of the area, as do fells and mountains. Urban settlements occupy a few per cent. The rest, half the country, is covered by forest. Sweden has a lot of water. There are 96,000 lakes, large and small, which together with the nations's wetlands cover approximately one fifth of the country's surface.

Nature conservation and wildlife management
The task for nature conservation in Sweden is to both meet the needs and wishes of people and society, and to conserve valuable nature and species. Local participation is necessary in order to maintain the support from Swedish people for environmental protection.

National Parks
There are 29 national parks in Sweden. The purpose of a national park is to preserve “… a large contiguous area of a certain landscape type in its natural state or essentially unchanged.” (Environmental Code). The state owns all national park land. National parks and nature reserves must have management plans that include practical steps for maintenance and monitoring.

Nature reserves
There are 3,200 nature reserves. Nature reserves are created “for the purpose of preserving biological diversity, protecting and preserving valuable natural environments or satisfying the need of areas for outdoor recreation. Any area that is needed for the purpose of protecting, restoring or establishing valuable natural environments or habitats for species that are worthy of preservation may also be designated a nature reserve.” (Environmental Code)

Naturum - visitor centres in nature
A naturum is a visitor centre with activities and exhibitions, located in connection with several of Sweden’s national parks and nature reserves. All naturum visitor centres offer guided walks and demonstrations, slideshows and theme nights. You will also find literature and multimedia here to immerse yourself in. Furthermore, there are brochures and information boards offering tips on beautiful nature trails and footpaths.

At naturum, you can learn almost everything there is to know about the region’s plants, birds, insects and animals. You can also learn about the cultural history and geology of the area as well as people’s relationship to the nature and their impact on it. Information about the area’s national parks and nature reserves and why we need to protect and take care of our nature can also be found here. Join us on an activity out in the nature!

Enjoy the Swedish outdoors!

Naturum is visitor centres to protected areas.
All naturum meets Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines.

naturum Färnebofjärden. Photo: Tomas Ärlemo
naturum Vindelfjällen Ammarnäs, Photo: Anders Björkman
naturum Höga Kusten. Photo: Pelle Kronestedt
natrum Vindelfjällen Hemavan
naturum Fulufjället

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