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Our world
NAVET is the science centre for Sjuhäradsbygden (Borås & District). It is a place where you can experience science, mathematics and technology in a meaningful, playful and creative way. Come discover NAVET’s fantastic world. We take threads from history, art and drama and weave them together with science into a beautifully integrated whole.


Plenty for schools
School classes can come to NAVET for theme visit. In our imaginatively decorated and furnished building, the class can experience themes based on water, a sustainable future, technology, mankind, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, air & aviation...

A theme visit to NAVET starts in the classroom. Each visiting group is given some pre-visit assignment to do consisting of a task, an experiment or something to think about related to the chosen theme. Once at NAVET, the visit begins with a short drama performance and then continues with experiments and thinking exercises. After the visit, it is also possible to borrow materials to continue experimenting back at the school.

Plenty for teachers
NAVET offers many opportunities to train skills within technology, science and mathematics for practising teachers at all levels. We are waiting to put together a tailor-made skills training course just for YOU.


Something for everybody
NAVET is open all year round – on weekdays for booked visits and on holidays and weekends for everybody. We are proud that our visitors come from near and far, school and pre-school, clubs, societies and companies etc. If YOU, YOUR family and/or YOUR friends are curious about what NAVET is – do not hesitate. We would love to have you here as guests.

In NAVET’s world of interest-provoking environments, anything can happen. With a little luck you will meet some the characters who regularly appear in the building. If you see Mrs Oak peek out from behind a birch tree, you will have no trouble recognising her – she is not as deeply rooted as most other trees!

In the Blue Room, you can be fascinated by our wonderful Universe and by your part in the great, cosmic cycle. You will encounter the starry night sky above us and the air around us during space journeys and flying experiments. These may also make you think sustainable thoughts about the environment and life on our fantastic planet. Take a seat next to Mother Earth. Perhaps this will be the place where you will think of just what you can do for a sustainable future!

Beyond the Universe in the Blue Room, is the way in to the Palace of Mathematics. Here you have the chance to see mathematics in an entirely new light. Sonya Kovalevsky will welcome you and treat you to riddles, puzzles, stories, games.

NAVET Science Center
NAVET Science Center
Nybrogatan 9A, SE-503 31 Borås
Tel: +46 33410009