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Welcome to NextJet – a young airline with great experience.

Several of the owners are pilots with many logged flight hours – a very good and safe combination of experience and safety consciousness. We are growing constantly, most recently linking Örebro-Copenhagen. We are doing this with an intact high level of service.

Our policy
NextJet is a young company where many of the staff have children. As parents, we naturally think about the environment we pass on to our children. It is therefore important for us that an environmental policy should be more than just beautiful words.

In addition to an environmental policy which permeates the entire company, we take personal responsibility for the way we ourselves travel and we contribute funding to Climate Care. These funds are invested in important environmental projects.

Destination to-from:      Gällivare, Arvidsjaur, Lycksele, Luleå, Umeå, Kramfors, STHLM/Arlanda, STHLM/Bromma, Örebro, Linköping, Köpenhamn, Torsby, Hagfors, Mora, Sveg, Östersund, Trondheim, Vilhelmina, Hemavan, 
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Info:  For us, service is very important and if you choose to fly with us you will notice this. 

Frösundaviks allé 15, SE-169 70 Solna
Tel: +46 863 985 38
Fax: +46 863 983 29