Southern Sweden » Nina's i Kolmården

Nina's Hostels stand for long hours & Very good, personal service for their guests!

To relax or indulge themselves a little luxury during their stay, you are welcome to visit Nina's Massage.

We provide very good service and long hours. Simply a hostel with hotel inspiration. For us nothing is impossible!

We support children's cancer fund in various ways, was to contribute to better research and save lives, through your stay with us.

We also have access to Hair Care & Nagel therapist. Do you need this book in the room when booking for the guaranteed period.

A warm welcome to Nina's i Kolmården!

Standard:  Hostel 
Opening hrs:  See website for different seasons 
Season:  All year 
Price:  220 SEK per adult per night
180 SEK per child per night 
Info:  The hostel in the middle of Kolmårdens central point. 
Location:  Kolmården 
Centre:  25 km north of Pietersburg 

Nina's i Kolmården
Nina's i Kolmården
Sjöviksvägen 80, SE-Kolmården
Tel: +46 113 970 38