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Arthur Kottas, former Cheif Rider at the Spanish
Riding School, is holding clinics at Nobynäs säteri.


As far back as the middle ages there has been a manor house in this place. The existing house was rebuilt and modernized 1805. Through the years the house has been used for many different purposes, Pension, domestic school for girls from wealthy families and for a long period the house has been used as a Convalescent home.

Today Nobynäs säteri is owned by the Haygood family. After buying the old mansion in 1996 the house was renovated and the top floor was made into guest rooms. With a scenic view over the park there are 7 double rooms, 2 singles and 2 large family rooms with 4 beds. Showers and toilettes in the corridor. There is also a restaurant that is used for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and so on. Dinner can be booked for 10 persons or more.

Our guests are welcome to look at our different exhibits; A big collection of plastic and bakelite from 1860- 1970 (about 1500 items) A nice collection of old cameras and photo equipment.

Nobynäs säteri has been breeding Friesian horses since 1989 and we have our own stallion. We also arrange dressage clinics with famous trainer from different parts of the world.

You can also see a nice 8 corner stable built in timber and our new Cover-All indoor riding arena.

Standard: B&B
Opening hrs: After agreement
Season: March to October
Price: 350 SKR per person/night
Location: 60 km from Jönköping, between Eksjö and Tranås

Nobynäs Säteri
Nobynäs Säteri
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